Notes To Participants

Last Revision: 4th January 2018

  1. This is not an automated application driven coaching website. NO ROBOT HERE. You are assigned to a personal human coach. Therefore, YFBRC is interactive.
  2. In order to prevent spam, interested party needs to sign up personally; no proxy. It is not a policy of YFBRC to post anything to anyone without their permission.
  3. Prior to the launch of reading plan, YFBRC will be sending you a TEST message to ensure connectivity. You must register your coach’s name and mobile phone # in your mobile phone Contact List to enjoy the FREE service.
  4. YFBRC is using web app, a creation of YFBRC’s application to serve registered members. Framework that YFBRC uses is based on the S.O.A.P. method.
  5. YFBRC uses the app to help members with their journey of transformation.
  6. If you are experiencing connectivity issue, please perform the following troubleshoot:
    • Reset your WIFI.
    • Memory of your gadget is full. You have to decide how to manage this issue.
    • Alert your coach through Whatsapp.
  7. Coaching session is any time throughout the day for motivation, posting of material that promotes Bible reading, follow-up on reading status and provision of any assistance to help reading, when necessary.
  8. For accountability of your commitment to follow through this Bible reading plan, you are expected to read and search through the day’s chapter diligently for verse(s) that has/ have deep impact on your life, then cut and paste the verse(s) into My Tool of the web app. This serves as
    • an indication of your reading status, that you have completed reading the day chapter.
    • motivational verse(s) for you to meditate during your hours of need.
  9. Referring item 8, if you are not able to find a verse, you are required to keep your coach informed that you have read the chapter, by typing eg, Read John 1.
  10. Referring item 8, you will need dexterity in the Cut And Paste operation.
  11. Kindly do not forward any of the material posted during this exercise to anyone. Encourage the people you have in mind for this journey to sign up. All YFBRC reading plan is specially designed for a FULL course, NOT a PIECEMEAL course regimen. YFBRC desires to see all participants adhere to the prescription strictly for maximum benefits.
  12. You may inform your coach first and then, unsubscribe from any Bible Reading Plan by pressing the UNSUBSCRIBE button.
  13. YFBRC will not prompt participants to sign up for new books in the Bible. Participant’s name will continue to be registered in the broadcast list until participants unsubscribe from YFBRC.
  14. YFBRC may discontinue the whole operation of YFBRC at any time, at the discretion of the founders.
  15. If you sign up late, YFBRC will advise you whether you are eligible to join the rest of the participants. It depends on the gap between your signed up date and Bible reading plan launch date.
  16. Please do not let the administrative notes deny you from joining any reading plan. Orderliness helps YFBRC to serve you better. Chat with YFBRC, if you need further assistance.

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