Michael CS Tan (6th October 2018)

JerryI was not consistent in reading God’s Word. I read as I like with no direction, jumping from one book to another. It was a new beginning when Joanne Lim introduced me to YFBRC on 1st Jan 2018. Praise the Lord ! I have been faithfully reading the Bible, a chapter a day since. God is good !


Cynthia Sit (12th August 2018)

IreneThank you for being my coach, Bro Charles Tan, besides, setting up this Bible reading plan, one day one chapter. This plan has met my heart desires. It ‘pao ka liao’. With this new plans, I can learn to praise or worship 1st, then Bible study and video clips. Now, I have improved my way to use this plans. I love it.

God, may You bless Bro Charles with wisdom, strength and fill him with your Spirit as an apostles and teacher in Christ to do your will. Bless his family, his wife, and children. I confess that he is deeply love, highly favoured and greatly blessed. In Jesus Name, I ask and pray,

Helen CS Liew (21st March 2018)


Yes… it has been great help to me though I lapsed in between. I really appreciate my coach’s patience. I know I will make it; reading the whole Bible with your unceasing reminder & bible scheduled plans for my reading. Thank you for your good work.

God bless you all.

Rena Tan (9th February 2018)


I wish to thank God for leading me to YFBRC through my friend, Helen. I started a few days into 2018 & encouraged my husband to join too. I would also like to sincerely thank Charles for his patience and dedication to guide us through some hiccups as we aren’t too savvy in technology. We have learned to be a lot more disciplined in our Bible reading and importantly, applying SOAP into every chapter we read. In the past, not only were we not disciplined, most of the times we read for the sake of reading or like a ritual for Christians (otherwise we feel guilty). We are so thankful to be able to read, observe the scripture & reflect on what it means to us individually, applying it into our walk with God and pray for the scripture to become alive in us! Thank you so much YFBRC team for your dedication and service to God’s work. You have indeed blessed us. May God bless you all, your ministries and families always.



Tan Lai Kim (18th December 2017)


I am already reading 10 chapters of the Bible a day before I was invited to join YFBRC community, so I thought,

“Well, another chapter won’t make much difference, right?”

Boy was I mistaken!!

S.O.A.P. makes all the difference in reading the Bible. Requiring to post a verse back sometimes is easy and sometimes it’s hard. So I have to read the chapter through again & again, verse by verse slowly till I get it, & sometimes I don’t.. and being a private person, it’s hard for me to post my Action & Prayers, I do it reluctantly and out of obedience, but looking back at the History of what I had posted on a particular day, it brings back the real presence of God speaking to me, making the verse that day stands out even more – thus etched it to memory.

When I’m stressed or worried these Bible verses will just speak and soothed me..  It is truly a journey with Him, transforming me to love God’s word even more.

There’s a lot of hard work behind all these and I truly appreciate the work YBRC has done..keep it up Coach.

The Word of God

How many of us truly realise that the Bible is really wonderful, it tells us the creation of the world and the end. It has 7000 promises of God, 365 verses on fears, it is our spiritual bread, it tells us we are the apple of His eyes (Psalm 17:8), how He created us (Psalm 139:13), His plans & purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) & will for our life (1Thess5:17-18), wisdom & understanding and so much more.

Sometimes we feel that hey God is so unfair, how come God speaks to him/her but not to me. But God DOES speak, and has already spoken – in HIS WORD. Sometimes God speaks in small audible voice but then sometimes what we hear is our own voice – the desire of our heart.

The world will tell us “listen to your heart”, but how many of you know that your heart will lie to you. Give you an example – William Hung of American Idol, didn’t his heart tell him that he can sing?

Imagine we can know the heartbeat of God – the creator of the universe and we can hold His words in our hands, how precious that is!!

Let’s sit at the feet of Jesus, listen to Him and let the Holy Spirit be our teacher….

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